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mixed 5 photos   my new piercings are getting mixed reviews would you still bend me over and fill my hole if i showed you [open]
pussies 4 photos   if you like pierced pussies and getting caught in the rain [open]
pierced 3 photos   thinking about getting the girls pierced this weekend heres one pierced and one not be honest what do you think f [open]
piercings 1 photo   nipple piercings by request f [open]
sexy 1 photo   feeling sexy in my new jewellery [open]
hard 1 photo   i get really turned on thinking about how hard my nipples are with my piercings under my bra while im at work f [open]
fantastic 1 photo   new piercing is looking fantastic! who wants to try it out f [open]
nipple 1 photo   recently took out my nipple piercingcan i pull off the unpierced look f [open]
 1 photo   my new piercing i got today! what do you guys think f [open]
friday 4 photos   picture of my new piercings i got on friday lt3 [open]
boyfriend 1 photo   snuck a picture during work my boyfriend wanted my right nip pierced so he paid for it and came along i like it because it feels like he owns me [open]
whatcha 1 photo   so i went out and got a new piercing whatcha think f [open]
piercings 1 photo   i love it when my piercings show through my shirt f [open]
lip 1 photo   pierced lip bruised tits [open]
button 1 photo   got my belly button pierced! f21 i love it how about you [open]
additions 3 photos   new account new additions! can anyone guess whats going to be next f [open]
93lbs 1 photo   πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯19f411 93lbs heres what they look like after a shower before the piercings go back in they look good rightπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ [open]
wife 1 photo   my sexy wife just got these pierced today! what do you think [open]
pierce 2 photos   i was once told that my tits were too perfect to pierce i just got them done anywaywhat do you guys think! [open]
piercing 1 photo   showing you guys my secret piercing f [open]
upper 3 photos   just pierced my upper navel what do you think f [open]
nipples 2 photos   pierced nipples [open]
smile 1 photo   heres a happy smile and my pierced tits to celebrate my cakeday today! f [open]
bed 1 photo   staying in bed late this morning who wants to come play w my new piercings! f [open]
uniform 1 photo   hello again! new piercing new uniform have a good day! f oc [open]
throwback 1 photo   since you all like my piercings that much here is a throwback without them f25πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ [open]
 1 photo   should i get them pierced f [open]
fan 1 photo   dont click if youre not a fan of piercings [open]
gift 1 photo   these bad boys are getting pierced tomorrow f a gift to myself for passing all my finals [open]
promised 6 photos   f im a late but before i disappeared i promised to post this album so here it is enjoy fresh stuff coming soon [open]
healed 3 photos   forgot to add a gender tag my healed nipple piercings i love to have them pulled and sucked on [open]
 1 photo   should i keep the piercings or take them out f [open]
fun 10 photos   hoop fun pink lace amp piercings [open]
piercings 2 photos   for those who asked so nicely to see my piercings lt3 [open]
piercings 6 photos   what do you think of my new nipple piercings [open]
 4 photos   hey do you guys like my back piercings f [open]
nipple 1 photo   fresh nipple piercingswhat do you think [open]
verification 3 photos   new piercings verification [open]
pierced 2 photos   guess who finally got her nipples pierced! [open]
nipple😍πŸ€ͺ 1 photo   i know you like piercing in my nipple😍πŸ€ͺ [open]
pierced 1 photo   got my tits pierced! what do you think f [open]
hard 1 photo   for those asking how hard it is to hide my piercings why hide them onoff [open]
piercings 4 photos   thought id show off my new piercings lt3 [open]
nipples 1 photo   twyla first new pic of her that ive seen and she pierced her nipples! [open]
thigh 4 photos   feeling my thigh highs and nipple piercings last link was broken [open]
lips 1 photo   pouty lips and curly tips πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ [open]
 1 photo   which one do you like better left or right with piercing [open]
fans 1 photo   finally got my nipples repierced any fans of rings [open]

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